5 Must Do Daily or Nightly Stretches 🧘🏼‍♀️✨#flexfriday

Flexibility training is one of the most overlooked aspects of people's fitness program. Let me tell you, that's a mistake!

Are you stretching regularly? If not, it's never too late to start a routine!

Why Flexibility Training?

Flexibility is the key to keeping your muscles & joints lengthened and accelerates your body's ability to perform and recover! ✨

Since March of this year, I've added a 5 minute nightly stretch routine. 🧘🏼‍♀️ These stretches are Japanese meridian stretches also known as Makko Ho. I do all exercises (aside from the first) laying or seated on my bed. What I can tell you is that all those little nagging injuries I used to have in my back, hips, and shoulders are gone. In addition, my ability to perform both physically and mentally each day has improved. #winwin

5 Must Do Makko Ho Daily Stretches & What Part of the Body They Target:

🌬️ Standing Forward Flexion with Chest Opener - Air - Lung & Shoulder

💓 Butterfly Stretch - Fire - Heart & Small Intestine

💧 Seated Forward Flexion - Water - Kidney & Bladder

💫 Seated Straddle - Wood - Liver & Gall Bladder

🧘🏼‍♀️ Child's Pose - Prep for last stretch!

🌎 Hero & Reclined Hero Pose - Earth - Spleen & Stomach

💫Hold each pose for 40 seconds, take 10 deep breaths inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth. 💫

Flexibility training is for everyone & everyone can do it! With time and consistency, you too can perform at a higher level each day, crush your workouts, & get through your days with less pain & limitations.

Join me for weekly Pilates Strength, BarreFit, Strength Training & Flexibility for Runners, Balance & Booty, & Mat Pilates Live & On-Demand classes to work on your flex!

Were these helpful? Stay Strong & Flexy! 💪🏼💖



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