Add a Fun Finisher To ALL Your Workouts!

Many of you may have noticed that many of my cardio & strength classes now end with finishers! The intensity of a finisher is a great way to add a lot more calorie burn to your workout.

This is great for weight management and shedding off pesky fat. You won't just be burning calories during your workout if you do an intense finisher, you will be burning calories long after you finish.

As the weather starts to warm up, cycling can be a great way to keep your endurance & fitness without killing yourself in the heat. I would also recommend backing off longer distance runs and focus more on speed work! #trainertips

FUN FINISHERS to try are Tabata Sprints on your ride and/or run!


⚡The last 8 minutes of your ride, get ready to sprint!

⚡20 seconds of seated sprints, 10 second recovery x 4

⚡20 seconds of sprints out of your saddle (hovering over your seat), 10 second seated recovery x 4 (these are like jumps you would do on your indoor bike)

⚡The last 8 minutes of your run, get ready to sprint!

⚡20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 4

⚡20 seconds side shuffles, 10 seconds grapevines x 4

Workouts don't just happen. You need to plan them and execute them with purpose to see the results.

Check in with yourself each week. If today is your first day or your 500th day in your fitness journey, take the time to make a plan so you can be successful.

Ask yourself:

Why am I committing to my health with a fitness routine?

What is my #1 goal in starting or continuing a fitness routine?

How will I achieve my goals?

Don't forget, If you need help getting started, new a refresh, or help in any area of your fitness journey, let's chat!

Book your FREE 20 minute virtual consultation or message me, I'd love to help or answer any questions you may have! Lets Stay Strong Together!



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