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Time, Motivation, and Accountability seem to be the biggest challenges when fitting in fitness.

What if you had access to Workouts on Demand that you could do anytime and anywhere⁉

I now have over 20 Home Workouts on Demand available for a $10 monthly subscription. All workouts are 15-30 minutes. They are effective and efficient and take the guesswork out of what to do. 💥

Share the link below with a friend & challenge each other to see if you can complete all the videos before the 2021! 🤩

Check them out www.seashellsandkettlebells.com/home-workout-videos

I add new workouts each month so you won't get bored and you have a variety of formats to choose from! 🙌

Don't let the challenges stop you from taking care of you. You only get one body in this life, take care of it! 🥰

Contact me with questions & Let's Stay Strong together! 💖



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