HIIT IT TUESDAY✨Make Gains With These Must Do Runner Cross Train Beach Moves✨💪

Are you planning on hitting the beach this weekend for the holiday?

If so, take these HIIT moves with you to incorporate into your beach workout!

Running workouts are great on the beach but you can get WAY more out of your workouts by incorporating strength intervals in aka HIIT! Follow me on IG @seashells_and_kettlebells for MORE video demos!

If you're taking a vacation from your normal routine and hitting the outdoors for your workouts this weekend, check out these strength and cardio moves you can add in to your routine.

Interval training is the best bang for your buck! Don't just take my word for it, the experts agree. And HIIT doesn't have to mean high impact! It means high intensity and that means YOU are in control of the intensity. Regardless of age, gender and fitness level, one of the keys to safe participation of HIIT training is for all people to modify the intensity of the work interval to a preferred challenging level.

Train with Me & Try This Total Body HIIT Beach Workout Today:

⚡Run/walk 1/2 mile Conversation Pace (CP)

⚡20 seconds of each of the following exercises + 10 second recovery

⚡ Repeat 4 times

  1. Jumping Jacks

  2. Squat Jacks

  3. Alternating Criss Cross Jacks

  4. Hacky Sack Hops

  5. High Knees

  6. Fast Feet Hacky Sacks

⚡ Run/walk 1 mile, 30 seconds faster than your CP

⚡Repeat one more time

⚡Finish with 5, 30 seconds sprints, 1 minute faster than your CP

See video for demo of each move (below)

Don't forget to add in a FUN FINISHER to complete your workout & Let's Stay Strong Together!



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