Jumping into Tuesday after a holiday like...

Try something new today!

Home bodyweight workouts are one of my favorite ways to move. If you're on vacation this week or don't have access to a gym, here's a full body beach (or home) workout you can do while soaking up your Vitamin D & Sea!⁣

In case you're unsure of what a burpee is, here's a video of it with a modification too! :)

30ish minute total bodyweight workout:

Jog 5 minutes, THEN⁣:

50 Walking Lunges⁣

40 Lateral Squat Shuffles (make sure you turn and face the other way half way through)!⁣

30 Push-Ups⁣

20 Broad Jumps⁣

10 Burpees⁣

Run (at a 1 minute per mile pace faster than your jog) 4 minutes, THEN⁣:

40 Walking Lunges⁣

30 Lateral Squat Shuffles⁣

20 Push-ups⁣

10 Broad Jumps⁣

Run 3 minutes, THEN⁣:

30 Walking Lunges⁣

20 Lateral Squat Shuffles⁣

10 Push-ups⁣

Run 2 minutes, THEN⁣:

20 Walking Lunges⁣

10 Lateral Squat Shuffles⁣

SPRINT for 1 minute, THEN⁣:

10 Walking Lunges⁣

10 Lateral Squat Shuffles⁣

10 Push-ups⁣

10 Broad Jumps⁣

10 Burpees⁣

Cool down for 5 minutes with a walk or jog! HOORAY, YOU DID IT!

Refuel, Rehydrate & Recover & comment below with your time & feedback after you give this one a try! Enjoy & Stay Strong!

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