Make Mornings About Your Mental Health 💫

Morning Rituals are Essential for Your Mental Health #wellnesswednesday

Routines & rituals are beneficial because they're things that we understand and know what to expect from them. ⁣

In our new normal, maybe you're missing your morning commute? There's a rise of the "fake commute" where many are replacing the daily transition with walks, runs, bike rides, & more.⁣

Commutes are forced pauses that signal the time to transition from one's work identity to another identity, such as parent, spouse, or friend. ⁣

If you're missing your daily commute, try a fake commute. This will give you a reason to get out of bed and get your day going vs just walking from your kitchen to your home office.

The key is to make it a habit & prepare the night ahead. Whatever time you spent going to work, spend that time walking, running, biking, hiking, or taking a virtual group fitness class with me!