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Make Mornings About Your Mental Health 💫

Morning Rituals are Essential for Your Mental Health #wellnesswednesday

Routines & rituals are beneficial because they're things that we understand and know what to expect from them. ⁣

In our new normal, maybe you're missing your morning commute? There's a rise of the "fake commute" where many are replacing the daily transition with walks, runs, bike rides, & more.⁣

Commutes are forced pauses that signal the time to transition from one's work identity to another identity, such as parent, spouse, or friend. ⁣

If you're missing your daily commute, try a fake commute. This will give you a reason to get out of bed and get your day going vs just walking from your kitchen to your home office.

The key is to make it a habit & prepare the night ahead. Whatever time you spent going to work, spend that time walking, running, biking, hiking, or taking a virtual group fitness class with me!

Being active = higher productivity in both your work life and home life. Going outside has a massive positive impact on your mental health too. Get up, bundle up, and get moving each morning with something that will help you be strong mentally and physically each day.

Personally, I enjoy a beach walk or run. It's a great time to clear my mind and be in nature. You never know what you may see or discover.

⁣Make time for yourself each day. Self-care is essential; not selfish.

Stay Strong,


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