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Must Have Equipment For Your Home Workouts: BANDS

Who says you can't build muscle without weights? Your bodyweight alone can help you build muscular strength & endurance but having extra tools in your tool box to mix things up can help keep your workouts fresh, exciting, & break through any plateau you may have hit.

BANDS - We use resistance bands in classes; both handle & mini-loop. I have used many and have found a few trusted brands that I use for my workouts & in my virtual classes.

PEACH BANDS - Fabric Hip Band Set - Awesome for Lower Body Exercises & To Build That Booty! Check out video below for an exercise demo using this band!

PEACH BANDS - Resistance Bands Set - Variety of Resistances for Upper & Lower Body Exercises

Get them both at or at (cheaper)


POWER SYSTEMS - Covered Tubed Handle Resistance Bands 48" - Great for total body workouts, comes in a variety of resistances & perfect for upper body movements like biceps, triceps & back when you don't have access to weights or a gym! Check out the video below for an exercise demo using this band!

Get them at

Have questions about your home workouts or equipment? Comment below!

Stay tuned for more equipment recommendations & Stay Strong!

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