🛑 STOP Going in Circles & Commit To Yourself Today! #thursdaythoughts

Whether you've been a yo-yo dieter or exerciser, stop going in circles and start achieving those goals you set for yourself!

If you're ready to start getting Sh*t done, then you need to commit. No more excuses.

Here are 3️⃣ ways to re frame your mind to stop going in circles & start getting things done!

1️⃣ STOP procrastinating & make a choice. So many people sit on the fence when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes because they are afraid of what they would be giving up if they were to really truly commit to their new habit.

💭 Thought Re-Frame: Committing to my new positive habit makes my life happier and makes me freer.

2️⃣ STOP identifying with your struggle. "I have bad genetics" or "I have no will power" or "I am bad at exercise." As long as you continue to build your identity around your struggle or bad habit, the longer you will struggle with your bad habit.

💭 Thought Re-Frame: I no longer choose set my standard so low. I no longer identify with my struggles.