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THEN VS. NOW #transformationtuesday

April 2016 vs. April 2021 - What's the biggest difference? HINT: It's not my weight!

How much do you weigh? A question I get asked from clients and family. Believe it or not, my actual weight is not much different between these two photos.

Five years ago when I was running marathons, my weight was always between 115-125. I was doing a lot of endurance training and not so much weight training. Now, my weight sits right around 115 and I'm able to maintain it much easier because of consistent weight training!!

Using the ideal body weight calculator is a great tool to help give you an idea of where you should be. But, this is not a perfect measurement. Each of us has a unique ideal body weight that is determined by our age, height, gender, & body frame size. I've noticed over the years, that for me, keeping my weight around my ideal weight allows me to feel & perform at my best.

We all know that transforming your body takes more than just a workout, it's your nutrition too. Just like our bodies are unique, their fuel needs are unique too. My philosophy on food is that simply, food is fuel. We shouldn't live to eat but eat to live.

Eating a whole food diet is simply to enjoy real food; that is, ingredients in their most natural state. Whole grains, plants, seafood, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables – honest food, without hidden salts, sugar and additives. I find that eating unprocessed foods helps to avoid getting sucked into the quick-fix promises of fad diets, detoxes and cleanses. When eating whole foods is not an option or you need to supplement your protein intake, I highly recommend Naked Nutrition supplements. Pictured is our pantry shelf. Yes we use their products daily for pre- & post-workout supplementation as well as using Rice, Pea, Collagen, & Whey proteins in our baking.

Sometimes, life is uncertain so eating dessert first is perfectly splendid.

What questions do you have about building muscle, losing fat, or transforming your body? Share in the comments ⬇️, I'd love to help & Let's Stay Strong Together!



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