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Stateproperty2fullmoviedownload (2022)




The screenplay, written by Keith Merryman, focuses on a new cast of characters, where the romantic rivalries from the first film continue. The film premiered on October 2, 2005, at the 2005 AFI Fest, where it received a limited release. Lionsgate Home Entertainment released it on DVD on June 20, 2006, and in the UK on July 17, 2007, through their label Eagle Films. Plot A girl-undercover reporter named Rachelle (Melissa J. Cobb) is posted to a small New Mexico town. There she befriends the local high school vice-principal, who calls himself Sergeant (Dakota Fanning). The two fall in love, but their platonic relationship is cut short when Sergeant is arrested for kidnapping and trafficking underage girls. Sergeant is charged and convicted, but the corruption continues to haunt Rachelle. She tries to leave town, but is lured back by the desires of her long-time friend (Jamie Pressly). Cast Production Background Damon Dash is the producer, and Keith Merryman wrote the screenplay. Dash had his interest in film producing since his childhood, and wanted to produce a film that was based on real-life issues. Casting Initially, Dash intended to cast Dakota Fanning in the role of the high school student. When Fanning got her part in the 2005 movie The O.C., Dash was impressed by her performance and decided to cast her as Sergeant. Dash stated, "When I saw Dakota's performance in that movie, I knew she was the one for this role. She's so fresh, she's so real, she's so passionate." When it came to casting the role of Rachelle, Dash believed there was no one "better" than Melissa J. Cobb. Filming The film was shot over the course of 38 days in Grants, New Mexico, in 2005. It was shot on location in different locations around the small town. The filming locations included the Plaza Hotel and Casino, El Paso's downtown, downtown Grants, and Santa Fe, where the film was shot in the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi. Style The film was shot as an indie film, where the focus was on the production and style of the film. It was shot in film formats, and at the time, a majority of films were shot in digital formats. Dash stated, "I have always loved black and white films. I think they look so




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Stateproperty2fullmoviedownload (2022)

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